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Private Gun CLub



About Training Grounds Memberships

Training Grounds is a members-only, private gun club, located in SW Florida where passionate responsible gun owners gather, learn and practice tactical and recreational shooting fundamentals in a safe, secure, disciplined, private and controlled environment.


TyPes of Memberships

  • Shoot Better - Monthly (Standard) $49.99 mo Unlimited Pistol/Carbine Access

  • Patriot - Monthly (for LE or Military) $39.99 mo Unlimited Pistol/Carbine Access

  • Family - Monthly (Family Unit Membership) $99.99 mo Unlimited Pistol/Carbine Access

  • Long Range - Monthly (All access, includes Long Range Tower) $199.99 mo

  • Guest Visit (Requires a Member to allow access) $20.00 Pistol/Carbine $50.00 Long Range


Get your Time In

Range Time


Schedule your range time before coming

To improve member experience, it is required that all members schedule their range time prior to arrival to ensure the availability of each bay, and prevent over booking or event interruption.

Our booking calendar is built directly into this website for your convenience. Please click the button ——->


(Only Members may schedule)


Shoot Smart

Rules of the range


Rules to Shoot by:

  1. All new members must complete SFTG Range Safety Course before being able to shoot.

  2. All members and guests must sign in at the SFTG HQ Lobby prior to shooting.

  3. Eye and ear protection are mandatory on the range at all times, without exception.

  4. Never leave a loaded firearm unattended. A responsible individual must positively control all firearms at all times. Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.

  5. Keep weapons pointed down range at all times, and finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. Always point your weapon in a safe direction (down range).

  6. Everyone is a safety officer. Anyone can call a cease-fire at any time. Members are responsible for calling the range cold in their respective bays. Any incident must be reported to SFTG Staff immediately.

  7. All persons must remain behind the firing line at all times until the range is safe and all weapons cleared.

  8. Pistol caliber ONLY in ranges 1-4 when shooting steel. Shooters will remain a minimum safe distance of 21 feet when shooting steel to avoid feedback. Rifle calibers on steel are reserved for ranges 5 and Long Range only.

  9. A 27 yard minimum for .223/5.56/ and .308/7.72 calibers and any caliber larger than .308/7.62 must be fired at the Long Range.

  10. The shooter is responsible for every round fired. All rounds must impact the berm directly behind your target. Do not move or place your target in an unsafe location. Know your target, and the surrounding area.

  11. The following are cause for immediate removal from the premises, the possibility of legal recourse, and cancellation of the membership:

    -Under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication that impairs your ability to safely handle firearms.

    -Tracer, incendiary, armor piercing, explosive ammo or explosive targets (tannerite) are forbidden.

    -Horseplay or roughhousing are forbidden on the range. Shooters are expected to remain professional while on the firing line.

    -Bump Fire or Slide Fire stocks are forbidden.

  12. Leave the range cleaner than you found it. All shooters are responsible for their own brass, trash, and must paint their targets before departure. Failure to do so will result in a range maintenance fee.

  13. All guests must sign a waiver and pay the guest fee prior to shooting. Members are responsible for the actions of their guest(s).

  14. All medical emergencies must be immediately reported to a SFTG Staff member. Basic first aid kits will be provided in all range kits.

  15. Range flags must be raised before any shooting begins.

  16. All guests under the age of 18 must be under the direct supervision of a parent or legal guardian.


17. And Most of all, If you saw it in a Rap video…