Guest Instructor Information

Guest Instructor and Training Company Requirements

South Florida Training Grounds, LLC, is a full service firearms training center and range facility located in Hendry County, FL. We provide firearms training and related services to discerning clients, novice to professional, who seek the best training available. 

We welcome Professional Training Organizations (PTO’s) Private training companies, as well as National Rifle Association Instructors. Training Grounds is a full service Destination Range Facility with several Housing and Food options for any size event for any length of time.

Guest Instructor Requirements

  1. Attend a one hour Training grounds orientation session
  2. Sign a Training Grounds non-solicitation Waiver
  3. Provide an Insurance Certificate with South Florida Training Grounds as a named insured
  4. Provide a 10% Class deposit within 10 days of event.
  5. Provide a 10% discount in course fees to any Training Grounds Gun Club Member
  6. All course participants must sign a Training Grounds Hold Harmless agreement

Guest Instructor Fees

  1. Private Lesson Fees (1-3 Students)
    1. Bay or training area rental Fee ($100-600 depending on range)
    2. $50 per student per day
  1. Group Lesson Fees (4+ Students)
    1. $500 per day flat fee per training area

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We ARE Southwest Florida’s premier private training facility!