Basic Pistol

Basic Pistol

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Basic Pistol

This course will introduce basic handgun skills required for personal defense. It provides the student, shooting, weapons handling skills, mindset, and methodology necessary to properly handle a firearm while on the range or under duress. Foundational techniques are at the forefront of everything we teach in this course.  This course is custom designed to meet the needs of each student, regardless of experience level. This course is a pre-requisite to all further tactical training courses.

This course covers the testing requirements of a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class.

Class Length: 6 hours
Training Schedule: Arrival time and sign in is 8:30 with training from 9:00 to 3:00 pm

Ammo Requirement: 300 rounds (available for purchase if necessary)


Training Grounds
31101 Nafi Dr., Immokalee, FL 34142
(239) 571-3241


For Private or Group classes, please contact us Here for more information.

The following topics will be taught in the course:
Range procedures & safety
Safe firearm handling Loading, unloading, and clearing
Fundamentals of tactical marksmanship
Drawing and proper presentation to the target

Shooting positions
Practice Drills

Lunchwill be provided.

Individual Equipment required:

Semi-auto Pistol (No Revolvers) with a minimum of 3 magazines
Pistol belt with holster and magazine pouches
Eye and ear protection (clear and shaded lens are recommended)
Long Pants
T-shirt or long sleeve
Shoes or hiking shoes/boots (no open toed shoes)

Ballcap or hat is reccomended

Pistol Rental packages available:  (includes Pistol, holster & belt, magazine pouch, magazines, eye and ear protection)

Cost $250.00
Gun Rental package $55.00

3rd Sunday of every month